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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> i think there's a culture that has been feeding a lot of ignorance that transpeople do not deserve the same rights and therefore when you have the culture, you don't get the same public safety. >> as an agency we will not tolerate that from our members. we have asked the transgender community to bring it to our attention. >> reporter: they have been the victims of many incidents. one murder. one suspicious death where the cause of death is undetermined. four assaults and at least seven robberies. there's no evidence the incidents are related. because it's sometimes hard for them to find work, many transgender people, they say, resort to prostitution to support themselves. >> at the end of the day, when
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there are no jobs, you are going to do what you know best and that is the work we find that the ladies result in. they have to survive. >> reporter: isn't it true a lot of them carry cash? >> yes. >> reporter: a lot of people in the community know that? >> yes. >> reporter: does that make them -- >> more vulnerable, absolutely. >> reporter: the tenth person was found dead. police have circulated this picture hoping someone will help them identify the victim. now in this case, police say there's no obvious sign of trauma. the medical examiner is doing more tests. homicide investigators trying to identify the victim to try to figure out exactly what happened there. back to you. >> thank you, pat. a 10-year-old boy is
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fighting for his life after being pulled from a burning house. flames and smoke were pours from the house when firefighters arrived. they had to break the windows to rescue the child who was unconscious. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the cause of the blaze was still under investigation. he's back, sulamon brown. he was arrested early this morning for driving with a suspended permit. tom sherwood joins us now. he talked to him today. >> he told us he was on his way home when he was stopped by undercover officers on florida avenue. he ran for mayor last year as a candidate known for harsh attacks on the then mayor. he was paid by the vincent gray
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campaign to keep up the attacks. given a $110,000 city job for which he was later fired. we first reported brown was stopped by unmarked patrol cars in the 600 block of florida avenue. police said a headlight was out and he was charged with driving on a suspended permit. >> he was not wearing anything that said metropolitan police department. it was after hours. it was after a birthday party. >> they brandished a gun and threatened to break his windows. he dialed 911 to identify the officers. brown later did get out and was arrested at the police headquarters. >> broken light. they gave me a $75 ticket, which is very excessive for a $4 lightbulb. >> a police baton was recovered from his car.
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it's unclear why brown, a d.c. citizen has a car and driver's permit registered in maryland. >> you know, the district of columbia law is where you live, not where you drive. you know, michael jordan has many homes, oprah winfrey has many homes, you probably have many homes -- >> no, i don't. >> it doesn't have anything to do with that. >> he has a court date october 25th. back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you. communities across the area coping with losses from last week's deadly flooding. a memorial service was held for this 12-year-old. he was one of three flood victims killed in virginia. friends at a camp he attended say he was an active young man who loved baseball and making
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people laugh. he just started seventh grade. >> the county administration building remains closed today. last week, the building got up to two feet of water. crews worked through the weekend to clear out debris. officials tell us the building wasn't ready for workers to return since the elevators and air-conditioning was still out. damage estimated in the millions of dollars. crews were in brandy wine, maryland. last week's heavy rainfall caused part of a road to collapse. in charles county, the bridge was closed. damage near the sheriff's office will take a month to repair. >> reporter: coming up, take a look at the damage left behind by the floods. roads will be closed for weeks. i'm julie carey, we'll have that story at 5:30. rain in the district right
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now. folks are seeing showers. >> after last week, we can handle anything. it's all relative, right? >> that's for sure. we are seeing isolated thunderstorms west of the area. isolated is the key here. for some of the counties, just west there are some spots where the rain is coming down good right now. virginia, severe thunderstorm warning. the heavier rain and gusty winds. you can see it far down around charlottesville area. it's moving to the east and southeast at five and 10 miles per hour. it's up west of gainsville now. i'm thinking by the time we get to 6:30 or 7:00, it should be into d.c. and in an hour, stafford county holding to the east. you can see the individual cells. they are all headed off to the east. your good night wake up forecast we have the chance for showers
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and isolated thunderstorms until 9:00 or 11:00 p.m. i'll talk about the fall-like temperatures in a couple minutes. >> back to you. >> thanks. out of the gate like gang busters, it was a strong start to if season yesterday. the redskins beat the new york giants, 28-14 in an all around team effort with a solid running game and strong plays by rookies on defense. the redskins looked much improved compared to the struggles last year. dan hellie is live with us. we like these mondays. >> you love them. you want to harken back to jim for a minute. we don't know how good this team is going to be at the end of the season. right now, they appear to be headed in the right direction, a clean, productive mistake for the most part for the offense. defensively, at times this unit
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absolutely dominated the giants. specifically, this guy. ryan kerrigan making his debut against the g-men. he had the biggest play of the game. eli manning passed to himself. interception and scores the touchdown. the old triple dip. the first rookie since 1999. the quarterback, rex grossman answered the call, 21-34 for 305 yards and a pair of touchdown passes as the redskins double up the giants, 28-14. mike shanahan, a very happy head coach. he knows it's only 1 of 16. >> i was pleased with the way we played. that's over. now, we have a good day today, looking at our mistakes. coming here wednesday, i think ready to go against arizona. the mind set is not what we did before, but what are we going to do today.
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i think we have that sense of urgency about us. if you do it that way, you have a chance to get better. >> reporter: that's mike shanahan today. after a win on mondays, it's called victory monday. usually the guys don't come into work. they all said let's get to work and hit the field to clean up some. guys? >> thank you. we'll see you then. next and new at 5:00, d.c. police are not letting their guard down. what's being done to keep you safe in the wake of the credible, but unconfirmed terror threat. the final moments of robin gardner. the clue to her disappearance in aruba. >> crabs! >> sponge bob side effects. is the popular cartoon bad for the brain? >> news 4 at 5:00 is just
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the national memorial to the victims of the september 11th terrorist attacks opened to the public today. new york mayor michael bloomburg greeted the first visitors. it featured twin pools and water falls. the names of all the victims in new york, the pentagon and united flight 93 are carved in bronze. they are arranged in groups such as first responders. >> these are guys that he worked with. just brings an enormous amount of comfort. i'm glad that he has a chance to be listed with them. >> visitors need to register online for tickets to get into the memorial.
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they are free but for timed entry, only. while the tenth anniversary of the attacks passed without major problems, law enforcement is not letting their guard down. we are live on the hill with more on the ongoing security concerns. >> reporter: we are here in union station on the plaza. if you look here, you can see what is termed a robust security presence. it's not that unusual here. elsewhere in the city, there's a more visible security presence in the wakes of the reports about something that might happen around the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. authorities are going to huddle later to determine if they are going to stand down. we talked to some folk that is say if they do stand down now, it won't come a moment too soon. for now, things remain at high alert with d.c. police on 12-hour shifts. >> we are going to reassess and determine if we need to continue on later into the week.
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>> it was a ramp up by local and federal authorities with some kind of attack coinciding with the september 11th attack. >> events worldwide, nationally and locally. from that analysis and exchanges with other partners we determine what our security posture is going to be. >> reporter: if it's any indication, the call for public vigilan vigilance. >> you have to say from both ends, from the community side to report those things and the response from the police and fire department, it went well. >> reporter: some say enough is enough now. >> i don't think it should continue. it's giving into the terrorists. they changed america just the way they wanted. we are living in a police stake. i won't go along with it. i'm not going to be afraid of them. >> reporter: there's a sense things changed so much in the
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past decade it's just a new way of life. >> definitely, if i see anything of suspicious nature, i will report it. now, taking all precautions. >> reporter: there's a school of thought among those who concern themselves with the security. when you call the alerts, it's like crying wolf. there's also a sense of sometimes when you cry wolf, it keeps the wolves away. >> interesting way to put it. thank you. veronica joins us now. you say we have rain coming in in spots? >> rain and a little thunder. not seeing much lightning out there. wet weather could be gusty winds with some of the pockets of heavy rain that come through. that's around the dinner hour as you will see in a moment. as we head outside, let's look at the temperature. it has been a very nice day. 81 degrees, the temperature. we currently have a calm wind
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right now. look at some of the numbers, 79 in gaithersburg. 78 in hagerstown. right now, 72 in charlottesville, west virginia. 72, because that's one of the pockets with heavier rain to the south and west. you can see around marshall, around i-17 there and 66, all the way to the southwest 211, we have a few pockets, anywhere where you see the orange, the red, the pink. that's where it's raining good right now. charlottesville, the cell of severe thunderstorm until 5:45. it's heading to the east-southeast at five to ten miles per hour. it's right around the d.c. area by the time we get to 6:30, maybe 7:00 or so. again, a very slow moving line with the heaviest rain that's passing to the south and east of d.c. let's talk temperatures through the area. 81 here. 72 in state college. 76 in columbus, ohio. it's way back up to the north,
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still up in canada where the air that we are going to have at the end of the week is coming from. it's going to feel like fall by the end of the week for sure. that's the disturbance kicking in off the coast late tomorrow. it's providing us with showers until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, toasty warm. temperatures higher today. 85 or 86 degrees. a big area of high pressure moves in. the wind out of the south ahead of the next cold front that's going to bring more rain to the area. i think on we say. behind it, say bye-bye to summer. behind that is where the cooler air is moving into the area. partly cloudy. scattered storms around the area. some could bring pockets of heavy rain. brief, heavy rain. it's not going to be lasting and lasting until 10:00 p.m. 82, stepping down to 74 degrees for the evening. meanwhile, we are mild.
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once again patchy fog around the area. 58 to 66 degrees. here is a look at tomorrow afternoon. sunny and pretty warm. 82 to 87 degrees. nice and toasty, again, keep in mind, this is not going to be lasting for very long. the last day there, friday, that is a high temperature. tonight, we drop to 65 in town. friday's high temperature, just 65 degrees. that really puts it into perspective. here we go, a taste of fall. 84 degrees expected on wednesday. 72 the high for thursday. 65 for friday. the next chance of rain after today is late thursday, probably around the evening hours. again into early friday morning. cool for next weekend. time to start heading to the farms to pick the apples. >> i like it cool in the studio, so we had them turn the heat down. >> 4:00 show was comfortable. it's cold now.
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>> we'll get you a blanket. >> please do. >> thanks. >> you bet. coming up next, casey anthony's parents sit down for the first television interview since the stunning end of their daughter's murder trial. no topic is off limits. mopping up mother nature's mess. how long it will take to repair the damage left behind from flash flooding in our region. >> reporter: busted by backpacks.
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a big burden for young students. some seem bigger than the kids themselves. we are talking the backpacks. parents and doctors are concerned about how much weight
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the kids carry. >> kids carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and much more. textbooks, notebooks, lunches and musical instruments. it's sending some young students to emergency rooms and doctors across the country. >> it weighs down my back. >> they are weighing down the youngest students, like most middle schoolers, this 11-year-old carries a back tack to and from school every day. >> it's a relief to take it off. >> it couldn't be good for his back or development. >> reporter: doctors say there's no evidence of heavy backpacks causing permanent damage, they are concerned about the pain they are enduring, especially the younger ones. >> kids that carry heavier weight that is what we recommend are having more back pain and showing up in clinics with complaints of back pain.
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>> reporter: doctors recommend they only carry 15% of their body weight. we decided to find out how heavy his backpack is. he weighed in at 104.5 pounds. he put on his pack, which added 1 1 16.5 pounds. it's a concern to his mother. >> at school there's a rush and they are rushing with their bags. >> experts say it's important for the weight to be distributed evenly, that means not putting all the weight on one shoulder and avoid using totes or messenger bags. >> it should be on both shoulders and preferably with a waist strap. >> reporter: it should not fall four inches below the waste. the shoulder points should be one to two inches below the top of shoulders.
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what are doctors doing to help them manage the weight? >> strengthen the trunk and abdominal muscles. for kids with real medical issues, they need a second set of books at home so they don't have to carry the heavyweights. >> reporter: at the end of the day -- >> when i take it off, it's a lot of relief to me because it straightens up my back and feels better than having it on. >> reporter: dr. blakemore likes the rolling backpacks with wheels but many schools don't allow them. they suggested online reading for kids. some kids have a different set of textbooks at home and a set at school. maybe that can help in some cases. >> you have to go with the waist strap. >> wear it higher. they are not seeing long-term disability with this, they are saying kids have pain. get the backpacks up higher. >> you see a lot of shoulder
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bags now. >> not crazy about that. you know. >> good point. all right. thank you. still to come tonight, it's back to school for virginia students rattled by the earthquake. how they are moving on. robin gardner's final hours. what this video reveals about her behavior moments before she disappeared in
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sngs. parts of our area under a severe weather warning. >> they are to the south and west. i want to show the showers from i-66 down through warren county, and culpeper county. this is the area, orange county, southeast green county and mad
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son county. it's hitting orange and grasslands within a couple minutes. into orange in the next 23 minutes. the storms could be producing high winds up to 50 to 60 miles per hour along with hail. if you are in these locations, take cover right away. >> thanks. turning to the damage from tropical storm lee. the floodwaters have left a mess behind. >> three bridges destroyed and six roads closed. it could be weeks until everything is repaired. damage is in the millions of dollars. >> we have more on the flood aftermath. >> reporter: big sur prizes for drivers across the area today. they are finding you can't get there from here because of damage like this left behind by the flood. bridges and roads washed out across the county. this bridge, west of i-95 is one
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of three bridges washed out. this photo shows what happened during the peak of the flash floot. two motorists drove into the sinkhole. now, it may take two months to repair the busy road that connects the interstate to route 123. jay lives in a subdivision outside the closure where hundreds of cars are searching for a detour. >> i cut the grass and a lot of people are asking me how to get to the parkway. >> v-dot has closed six roads indefinitely. this is the damage left behind. the asphalt looks like it's been pulled apart. walking road used to be the cut-through, but no more. >> it makes it difficult on the south side of great falls.
5:33 pm
we feel very isolated sometimes because we are having to deal with two one-lane bridges. it's a long round about route. >> reporter: residents say their commute times are about to increase. >> this was a surprise. >> reporter: this will make a big difference in your travels, won't it? >> yes, it will. it will take about ten extra minutes. >> reporter: repairs will carry a high price tag, perhaps $10 million to get the roads and bridges fixed. >> now for a complete list of local road closures head to here is the scene in prince william county where nearly half of the 100 mobile homes at holy acres park have been condemned now. 143 people from the community are now homeless. prince william county extended the emergency shelter to friday.
5:34 pm
the shelter was moved to dale city rec. they have social workers available to figure out the relocation plans. >> their lives are going to be changed here. they have to be able to pick up the pieces and find where opportunities are. we are doing what we can to help them identify the options available to them. we'll continue to do that through this week and identify a housing solution. >> people whose homes weren't condemned begin moving back today. crews restored power this afternoon. in virginia, back to school today for students there. several buildings were damaged after the earthquake. they have been setting up temporary classrooms. 30 trailers are used for the elementary. high school and middle school students are sharing the same building. they go to school on alternating days. casey anthony's parents are
5:35 pm
speaking out for the first time. they sad down with dr. phil. he was free to ask any question he wanted. one topic was a myspace entry where cindy wrote about caylee's disappearance 12 days before she called police. >> did you know something then that you hadn't admitted to your conscience? what jumps out to me about this is the title of this is my caylee is missing. >> i wanted casey to know how much she was hurting me. i thought she was purposely keeping caylee away from me. >> to this day, cindy anthony doesn't know why her daughter's car smelled of death. it airs tomorrow and wednesday. when we come back, a classroom controversy after the break. why some say forcing students to recite the pledge of allegiance is a form of bullying. women aren't the only ones
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a battle is brewing tonight over the pledge of ea leenlg ens. they voted to make it voluntary. to some parents, it's not enough. they are fighting to have it banned all together. they say it is susceptible to bullying. right now, the policy gives kids the option to recite the pledge of allegiance at least once a week in school. researchers have done studies on the hormonal changes of women but now there's studies on the expectant father. they followed 600 men for five years. the men, all of them in their 20s had high levels of testosterone. once the baby comes home, they
5:40 pm
dropped. it could be natures way of increasing the dads care taking instincts. >> when they start breast-feeding, we have to worry, right? >> did you just say that? >> i did. toxic tv. why some cartoons are coming navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent
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so, sponge bob square pants has been known to give parents a headache. he might be hurting your kids' brain. erica explains why. >> reporter: the programs your kids are watching could be as
5:44 pm
detrimental as what they see. researchers assigned the kids to one of three groups to play with crayons and watch pbs cartoon -- >> would you like to help me out in the garden? >> or the fast paced cartoon, "sponge bob square pants." after doing this for nine minutes, they assess the kids ability to focus and problem solve. >> the children who watch the fast paced cartoon performed worse. >> reporter: their developing brains don't have enough time to process it. >> their brains were tired from all the stimulation. >> if you are given more time to absorb a scene, you are able to interact with it with your own questions and your own ideas. >> what's going on? >> reporter: sponge bob is one of the most popular shows and marketed to kids over age 6. in a statement, a spokesman said
5:45 pm
having 60 nondiverse kids watch nine minutes of programming is questionable methodology. while sponge bob and his neighbors under the sea may not be the enemy, kids brains are like sponges, soaking up everything they see. ericaedwards, nbc news. s the typical preschooler watches two to four hours of television a day. the redskins opened the season with a big win. >> oh, yeah. dan hellie is live with the highlights. grown men humming the redskins tune today. >> reporter: it was fun. they got a goods win over a division foe. the giants came in winning 9 out of ten.
5:46 pm
they won six straight games against the redskins. it all changed on paper. the quarterback situation which we monitored so heavily, so far so good. rex grossman play add great game. on defense, they shut out the giants in the second half of the game. probably the brightest spot of the game. >> every time you pull -- [ inaudible ] >> it's a new team. you know, it's only game one but it's a new team, new character. regardless, win, lose or draw, there's a different attitude with this team. >> reporter: defense was large and no play bigger than ryan kerrigan's pick early in the sixth quarter. >> playing the cut block and
5:47 pm
getting my hands up. fortunately, the ball found my hands. we need to come out with more of a swagger, fly around more and have more fun. i think doing that helped us to sit through the second half. >> it was a huge momentum to come out and finally have a lead against this football team. they are a different team. >> then there's the quarterback. yes, rex brought the sexy back to the redskins offense. his fourth career 300 yard passing game to go along with two touchdown passes. >> there's a lot of plays in my mind right now. we had a decent drive. they had a good run. got in field goal range. after that, you feel good. anytime you have the kick off game, you haven't played in a long time, getting the first down. little victories help. >> what is it about him in the
5:48 pm
system that clicked? >> is he the right guy? i don't know what answer i can give you. he know what he's doing. to go out there and throw the ball to the guys he have. everybody feeling great. i feel it's the best i have had around me thus far. >> reporter: six different redskins caught passes from grossman. nobody gained more yards than davis. he gets his first 100-yard game. another win or two like this and it might be time to start believing. >> going out there and executing well. finishing in the red zone. all the things we have been working on. it looked like we were able to go out and achieve it. >> it's not too early to make the fans happy. it's too early for us to think we are making progress in the lead. we are optimistic going forward. if we lost, i wouldn't say it's
5:49 pm
indicative of this team. >> reporter: they are not resting on their laurels, either. it's victory monday, generally, when the redskins win, they are off on monday. the defensive captain said let's keep the ball rolling, go out and do some work. they did that. out on the practice field correcting mistakes. mike shanahan may have suggested they work on monday, anyway. >> suggested. strong suggestion. >> thanks. see you at 6:00. here is veronica with a final look at weather. >> we are looking at showers and thunderstorms out there. right around gainsville area, yes you are right. they are moving slowly. i-66 and 17 there, that junction, some lightning. all this to the east, southeast and only five to ten miles per
5:50 pm
hour. areas in remmington probably in the next 30 minutes or so. another cluster of thunderstorms. this is warned on. it's to the east and southeast. that warning goes until 6:15 for arrange, green county and madison county, too. we have more down south around charlottesville i-250. it's headed to the east at five to ten miles per hour. 81 is the temperature tomorrow. temperatures will be warmer after a cool and foggy start. then by the end of the week, get ready for fall. there you go, guys. back to you. >> thank you, ma'am. here is what's at 6:00. jim vance joins us with a preview. >> a local power company is going to answer to its
5:51 pm
customers. some out for more than a week. a teenager in a coma for eight months after he was injured in a car accident. then the boy just woke up. what does that mean? whatever it is, the competition is over. alexandria is a new town crier. definition and explanation coming up. i read somewhere what oh yeah means. >> listen to me. >> yo! >> we'll find out. >> thank you. it is video that you have not seen until now. we'll tell you how this surveillance tape could help investigators determine what led to a maryland woman's disappearance in aruba. >> for more news, search nbc on >> for more news, search nbc on facebo
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there is new surveillance video of the maryland woman who disappeared five weeks ago now in aruba. >> investigators are pouring over every frame for clues. >> we have seen the still images of robin gardner in aruba frozen in just one minute later,
5:56 pm
she gets up and walks to the bathroom alone. she's carrying a large purse, then suddenly stops, turns around and walks back toward the bar. seconds later, back to the bathroom and goes in for two minutes. when she comes out, our first look at her full face. no sunglasses. she walks back to her table, off camera. 3:57 p.m., gary walks out of the reasoned holding the plastic blue cup. he went to his car and refilled their drinks with his stash of vodka and orange juice. he walks back inside holding the
5:57 pm
cup. >> was it alcohol or more sinister that had to do with her disappearance. >> 4:07 p.m., she makes another trip to the bathroom. she appeared sober but groggy. she heads back to the table. 4:13 p.m., one hour after they arrived, robin and gary leave the restaurant. gary is walking several steps ahead. they are talking normally. gary stops and waits for her to catch up. >> there's not a happy ending to this tape. >> what happened in the next two hours remains an unsolved mystery. he says he and robin went snorkeling. this surveillance tape captured
5:58 pm
gary's behavior. at 6:16 p.m., he appears at the restaurant alone, walks up the steps, shirtless wearing a bathing suit and sneakers. he bangs on doors looking for help. after working with police for days, investigators arrest him at the airport trying to leave aruba, rocked up ever since. >> i'm hopeful that justice will be served. i can't lose hope and i can't lose faith. >> that is news 4 at 5:00. stay there, news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. criminals targeting a community of people in the district. there could be a reason for that. >> it is hatred. it is transphobia, it is
5:59 pm
homophobia. >> heighteninged security after an unconfirmed terror threat. we begin with president obama's jobs plan that has been released to congress. good evening, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim vance. the house now has what's called the american's jobs act. it's 155 pages. president obama sent it to lawmakers this evening. it will cost $477 billion. republicans will look at it to see how many jobs it could create. brian moore has the report. >> reporter: president obama sent his jobs bill and a message to congress. >> no games. no politics. no delays. i'm sending this bill to congress today. they ought to pass it immediately. >> reporter: he was joined by teachers, public safety workers


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